Had a Small Fire in Your Home?

House and Carpet Restoration Tips After a Fire

Whether due to fire damage, cigarettes, or burnt food, and smoke odor has a tendency to permeate every inch of a space, more so with carpets and rugs. Once smoke odors are trapped in the fibers of your carpet and padding, removing it can be very difficult, which is where our carpet restoration service comes into play.

Smoke odors due to fire damage

We will begin with the hardest challenge, which is removing the stench of smoke from carpets and rugs. Depending on what caused the fire, and the kind of smoke it created, carpet and other porous surfaces are affected in numerous ways. If the fire created wet or dry smoke, fuel particles or protein, or just residue from a fire extinguisher, generally it is advisable to call a professional carpet restoration service to deal with the smoke damage.

Odors from cigarettes or cigars

Cigarette odors in a home can be quite invasive, and quite harmful and offensive to visitors. Your first line of defense is a baking soda deodorizing mixture. Just mix dried lavender with baking soda, and then sprinkle it over your carpet, leave this to sit overnight, a good tip is to do this just before you head off to bed, once this time has elapsed, vacuum and if necessary repeat the process.

Safety Tips

When you are attempting to remove odors from your carpet, always remember to thoroughly ventilate your space as much as you can. Plus, you must always read the instructions that are printed on any chemicals and solutions you are going to use, and under no circumstances should you ever mix toxic cleaning chemicals. Should your job be just too big for you to cope with, then contact us we are only a phone call away.

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