Tips from a Blinds Repair Service in Fort Lauderdale, Fl on Basic Repairs

Ask any professional blinds repair service, and they will tell you that blinds can add great beauty to your home, unless they no longer work. Broken, missing, or bent slats will make your home look unkempt. However, it is quite easy to perform basic repairs by yourself. The kind of blinds you can repair are vertical and horizontal blinds, which are also referred to as Venetian blinds.

The simplest blinds to repair are the vertical position ones, all it takes is snapping each one off and on. Replacement slats are available at most DIY stores. You will first need to measure the length of your blinds, and get the store to cut them to your required length. Just open the blinds up so they are parallel to one another and do not overlap. Bend the damaged slat to the window, this will open the hook it is hanging off, then simply lift up and out. After which, you can just slide the replacement blind back in until it catches and hangs.

Horizontal vinyl blinds are relatively simple to replace too, however, they will need more time and patience. Buy your replacement blinds, then remove the plugs which are found on the bottom of the rail, these hide the knots of the lift cord. Simply untie the knots and take out the slats until you reach the damaged ones. Replace these and reposition the slats which you removed, and then re-tie the pull cords.

It could also be necessary to replace your lift cord when it comes time to repair your horizontal blinds. This is done by opening the blinds to the max, then lift off the entire unit off its brackets. Put the blinds face down so the pulley is facing at you. Cut the cords and remove them, then with the aid of a large needle, thread the replacement cords, and then replace the blinds back onto their bracket.

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